Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Facing Poverty with a Richs Girls Habits by Suki Ki Assignment

Facing Poverty with a Richs Girls Habits by Suki Ki - Assignment Example At this stage, when her very wealthy father was a millionaire, and then he lost all his wealth overnight. After all that her world become so cold because she could not imagine that her father had actually lost that entire he had previously owned the shipping company, hotels and restaurants, and the mining business. She goes on to intimately recount how and why they had to flee. Apparently back then, in South Korea, bankruptcy was a very serious crime and, in fact, punishable by one being sent to jail to serve a term, so they had no other option but to flee, without any penny, to America. She vividly remembers how she had to do things that she had never been used to doing, for instance, using public transport, doing her homework without being helped and also how things became seriously messy with no house maids around (Duane, 2008). She had to humiliatingly wheel their dirty clothes to some bleak place-Laundromat for cleaning. While away she noticed some things she had never know n courtesy of culture shock, like the fact that people of different races have different skin colors. Also, unlike back in Korea where students were always bowing to their teachers. It baffled her that students had no respect for the teachers, she explains it by an incident in which a teacher was busy calling the roll call, a male student was French-kissing a girl. Another thing that shocked her was graffiti that covered the walls and the whole concept of having a policeman guarding the gate and checking bags. The writer’s main purpose is to share her agony and tribulations. She wanted to share her experiences of how she lived life of poverty after being used to life full of comfort. Adjusting was not an easy thing because she went into a country that she had never been to and having no option other than mingling with people she absolutely shared no tradition or culture. This kind of essay can be classified as a narrative because it is in the writer’s point of vie w and perspective. She gives an account of her life from her own personal point of view. The kind of audience the writer was targeting could be general audience because the content of the essay doesn’t look like it can be restricted to people of a particular age group, class or creed. The essay has a melancholic tone; this is because from the story one is compelled to experience a lot of melancholy and a great deal of sadness, as well as depression for the writer’s experience. This can be explained by the fact that the essay has some sadness and depression which is of profound thoughtful and introspective in nature (Periodical: English, 2008). The emotional response that I have for this essay is very sad. Sad in the sense that the writer went through a very traumatizing experiences which makes one feel very sorry for her. From living life full of opulence and lavish lifestyle to struggling and having a need to adapt to hard times. The essay of an emotionally touching story which makes the reader immediately not just to sympathise but to empathise with the

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