Thursday, December 12, 2019

Human Resource Management And Leadership Seamless Experiences

Question: What do you think is the future of HRM? Does it have a future? Why or why not? Answer: Human Resource Management is one of the most important parts of an organization. As mentioned by Cohen (2015), it is important to reshape HRM for a brighter future of the organization and its operations. The future of HRM will be expanding enormously for reaching out its customers for providing them seamless experiences. It will be collaborating with IT and marketing departments for providing all-rounder HR services as well as talent management processes across the world. It will also make sure of selecting and recruiting employees that suit best with the organization's requirement based on their talents and expertise (Kirk, 2016). Yes, HRM has a future. It is because, with technological advancement, HRM policies and operating ways will be modified (Sanders et al. 2014). The organizations will be adopting global HRM policies that will offer cross-cultural facilities to the workplace. Grievances will be handled in an effective way, and HRM will make sure of employee retention and satisfaction extensively. It, therefore, will adopt efficient measures in motivating employees along with excellent performance appraisal system. As a result, employees will be satisfied and content with modern HRM policies as it will also focus towards more privacy and support towards multi-ethnicity (Cohen, 2015). References Cohen, D.J., 2015. HR past, present and future: A call for consistent practices and a focus on competencies.Human Resource Management Review,25(2), pp.205-215. Kirk, S., 2016. Career capital in global Kaleidoscope Careers: the role of HRM.The International Journal of Human Resource Management,27(6), pp.681-697. Sanders, K., Shipton, H. and Gomes, J.F., 2014. Guest editors introduction: Is the HRM process important? Past, current, and future challenges.Human Resource Management,53(4), pp.489-503.

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